Sports nutrition products to gain muscle size and increase strength.Burn fat,  lose weight, get lean & ripped.Increase energy pre workout and speed up recovery post workout.
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Extreme Nutrition manufacture bodybuilding supplements and sports nutrition supplements, including weight gainers, pre workout drinks, post workout recovery drinks, amino acids, creatine supplements and fat burners and of course whey protein for men and women.

We also import Gorilla Wear and Brachial bodybuilding clothing along with Isobags from Isolator Fitness UK

We like to think that not only do we design and manufacture the protein powder, we think we are better suited to tell you how to use them too. We understand them better than anyone else and have advised athletes from first time junior bodybuilders to Olympians from many different sports including cycling, boxing, swimming, MMA and all power sports as well as your average person trying to improve their health and look through exercise and diet.

Every product we produce is 100% drug free and IOC and WADA testing safe, there are NO banned, restricted or controlled substances allowed through our machinery so there is not even a chance of cross contamination of your sports nutrition supplements and all our products are Halal and Kosher certified.

We clearly state on ALL our labels that our products are drug free and IOC/WADA testing safe, this is a claim we take very seriously and hope it re assures you that you can trust Extreme Nutrition as a company if you are a drug tested athlete or work with the Emergency services, police or military.

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