The Extremists: Emma Brace

Age - 44

I train at: Sevenoaks Gym, Gloucester, IFBB Pro Lee Powell's Church of Pain.

Emma Brace is a personal trainer and competititve bodybuilder

Q.1 Why did you start training and did you have any goals of competing to begin with?

I started training initially to help me overcome a 15 year bulimic problem. I used a structured bodybuilding plan (Y3T) and diet to regain control of my life. I was lucky enough to be guided by Neil Hill and I had no intention of competing until He suggested I ought to!

Q.2 Were you into sport growing up? If so which ones?

I was never into sport as such but I did ride horses and competed at Wembley Horse of the Year show back in 1983 when I was 13 representing Wales with the Banwen Pony Club

Q.3 What is your current training schedule like? How does it differ between pre-contest and off season? Do you do much cardio work?

My training at the moment is very different to comp prep as I'm off season. I'm lifting heavier so only train 4 days a week for about an hour and I don't do any cardio at all which is quite cool! I love lifting big, it's very satisfying to keep pushing your limits. I tend to eat when I'm hungry off season and don't follow a regimented nutrition plan. I even like a few vinos!

Q.4 How long have you been competing?

I've been competing now for three years and it's been a rollercoaster journey of discovery! I've learned so much about the kind of person I am!

Q.5 What are your main competitive achievements?

I'm very proud of everything I've achieved since i started competing. I've won a welsh title, competed at the British finals 3 times (top 6 twice with a Universe qualification) and competed overseas at a world championships!

Q.6 Who are your main sources of inspiration in your training and whose physiques do you most admire?

My ABSOLUTE source of inspiration is my mentor, coach and good friend, IFBB Pro Lee Powell. He has not only taught me so much about training and nutrition but about the kind of person I want to be and is one of the few people that completely believes in me.

If I had to pick a physique I aspire to it would be Dana Lynne Bailey, she epitomises strength grace and femininity.

Q.7 What are your current competitive goals?

My current competitive goals... I'd say I simply strive to be better than I was the last time! But ultimately I would love to step on the Universe stage.

Q.8 Why do you feel you have been able to make continuous gains over the years?

I'm very fortunate that genetically I'm built to build muscle but that's also dependant on good nutrition, correct supplementation and absolute balls to the wall training which I absolutely love.

Q.9 What supplements do you use?

As a minimum the supplements I will never go without are:-

Extreme Pro-6

Extreme Build & Recover

Extreme Pure L-Glutamine

Extreme BCA 3:1:1

Q.10 How much do you feel supplements and sports nutrition help your training?

Sports nutrition is absolutely essential if you're going to push your body to the max and beyond. To grow you need to feed your muscles and allow them recover and good quality supplements do this efficiently and effectively in a fast paced life.

Q.11 What is it that motivates you through a hard session?

I’d like to say thanks to a few people: IFBB Pro Lee Powell who has been the key to my success and my happy state of mind, his balanced approach to all aspects of life guides me every day!

My mum and dad, without whom I wouldn't have the genetics I have, to my amazing clients for putting up with my diet brain during comp prep.

To all at Extreme Nutrition for supporting me in my continuing journey and to the hundred of amazing athletes I've met for all being such a huge inspiration! Love you all each and every one of you!

Emma Brace competing in Miss Britain

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