The Extremists: Andrew Chappell DFAC Pro

Name: Andrew Chappell

Age: 28

Gym you train at and location:

I live in the Granite city these days so I train at the appropriately named Results Gym Aberdeen. It’s a strongman and powerlifting gym with no cardio equipment and only a couple of resistance machines. All the equipment it does have though is and a ton of heavy iron. It’s spit and sawdust, no poser’s, just hard trainers. I love it.

Q.1 Why did you start training and did you have any goals of competing to begin with?

I’ve trained all my life for different sports. I started lifting weights in my bedroom and at the school gym when I was 15 years old so I could be better at sports. Initially my motivation was simple I was probably one of the smallest guys in my year. I think like most bodybuilders I never had any real intentions to compete to begin with. I just enjoyed training. I fell into the sport of bodybuilding once I got the bug for lifting. I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would be competing for bodybuilding titles.

Q.2 Were you into sport growing up? If so which ones?

Growing up I enjoyed track and field at high school, volley ball, and basketball. I was a very sporty person but my main sport and favourite was football. I played from 11’s to u19’s until bodybuilding became my main hobby. I even manage a season in the local Sunday league team a few years back. We made it to a final and ended up getting hammered! I’ve not played since.

Q.3 What is your current training schedule like? How does it differ between pre-contest and off season? Do you do much cardio work?

My training schedule depends on what I’m working towards. So it changes depending if I’m training for strongman, powerlifting or bodybuilding. For bodybuilding I’ve always followed a four day split based around my work and weekends. I train a large muscle group on its own or usually with a smaller muscle group once per week. I like to call it “Power Bodybuilding” so I train heavy 3-8 reps with longer rest period for compounds like squat, deadlift and push press. I then focus on 8- 15 reps with short rest periods for isolation exercises like bicep curls or kickbacks. The major difference between offseason training and competition training is usually the amount of weight I use declines as I lose weight and my rest periods might be shorter. As for cardio I always stress I do a minimal amount during the offseason and during contest season. I prefer to let my diet do the work when it comes to weight loss.

Q.4 How long have you been competing?

I’ve been competing in bodybuilding shows since 2006 so it’s coming on ten years now. My first show was the BNBF Jnr Mr Scotland. I won it but looking back the pictures now it’s cringe worthy when I look at the condition and posing. I’ve come a long way since then, and maid lots of friends along the way. Hopefully I’ve inspired a few to get on stage themselves.


Q.5 What are your main competitive achievements?

There’s been a few, I’ve won my class at the BNBF British finals 5 times now, something I doubt will ever be repeated, as well as taking the overall title back in 2014. I’ve also competed in 4 world championships. I suppose the biggest achievement was coming 2nd in my Pro debut at the DFAC worlds in 2014. I think every time I manage to get on stage though is an achievement.

Q.6 Who are your main sources of inspiration in your training and whose physiques do you most admire?

I draw lots of inspiration from friends I’ve trained in the past with or guys in my gym. These people have certain expectations of me and I always try my hardest to meet them, otherwise I’ll be letting myself down. If I’m ever lacking inspiration though seeing goliaths like Ronnie Coleman or Dorian Yates train is great motivation. Physiques I really admire are those of the more classical aesthetic bodybuilders, Lee labrada, Bob Paris, Zane or some of the DFAC pro’s like Dave Kaye.

Q.7 What are your current competitive goals?

My current goal is to finish top three at the DFAC British Grand Prix. I have a few of my fellow competitors in my sites that I’d like to try and surpass. It’s a big ask but I don’t think it’s unrealistic. Past that I just want to be the best natural bodybuilder I can be, I love training and hitting PB’s so if I could get a new Squat, Bench or Deadlift record I’d be happy.

Q.8 Why do you feel you have been able to make continuous gains over the years?

I’m very single minded and stubborn when it comes to training and dieting, I don’t compromise or miss training sessions. I’ve been consistently plugging away getting stronger year in and out, eating meals and taking my supplements, while others have fallen by the wayside. Add to that my knowledge base and training philosophies have continued to evolve over the years. My training and dieting have changed radically since I started. Consistency and always having new goals is a big thing.

Q.9 What supplements do you use?

I’ve always used Extreme products to help me recover and fit meals into my busy schedule. I use Extreme Whey for a quick amino spike when I wake up and Extreme Pro6 at night to prevent catabolism while I sleep. I use Build and Recover post workout to help me recover from my hard workouts, and BCAA and glutamine before during and after again to prevent catabolism during training sessions. I also take Kr-Evolution to help my recovery and increase my strength and endurance during workouts. I rate the latest innovations from Extreme, Reload and Tribz are great products. So I use the pair to boost my testosterone levels while I’ve been dieting. I also take fish oil. It sounds like a lot of supplements but each one plays an important role in helping me get the best out of my body, when your competing at high amateur levels and in the pro ranks you need that extra 10%.

DFAC Natural Professional Bodybuilder Dr. Andrew Chappell

Q.10 How much do you feel supplements and sports nutrition help your training?

I think the results speak for themselves, I started using Extreme products almost ten years ago, since then I’ve won multiple bodybuilding titles, improved my strength, conditioning and muscle size. Supplements help give you that extra edge you need to recover compared to food. After all your body needs instant nourishment to replace damaged tissues and sugars following a hard workout, something that solid foods are slow to do by comparison. They make you stronger, healthier and help keep you focused on your goal, when you’ve been taking them as long as I have it becomes part of the training ritual.

Q.11 What is it that motivates you through a hard session?

I’m intrinsically motivated, I want to be the best I can be, however if I’m flagging hopefully it’s my training partner shouting at me, not letting me quit pushing me through a hard workout. Often though it’s the expectation and support I have from my Extreme Sponsor, other friends and athletes and the potential to become a champion once again. Once I get in that champion mindset then usually I’ll push out those extra squats or end up stuck under the bar, at least I know I’ve given it my all.

I’d like to say thanks to a few people:

Where to begin, thanks Extreme Nutrition team for seeing some potential in me and helping me earn my stripes in bodybuilding. The guidance I received at the start of my career was invaluable. I owe a lot to bodybuilding and I’ve no doubt I wouldn’t be where I am today without all the support from Doug, Jo, Liam and the extended Extreme family. A thanks has to go out to the BNBF team as well for their similar support and for allowing athletes like myself the best platform possible to compete on. I’d also like to say thanks to the countless friends that have helped support me cheer me on and train with me down the years, you all know who you are.

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