The Extremists: Jo Stanger WDFPF Champion

Name: Joanne Stanger

Age: 30
Gym you train at and location: Pro Strength, Swindon

Q.1 Why did you start training and did you have any goals of competing to begin with?
I started training as a hobby and also to support a good friend. I have always been aware of the sport but never thought I would actually compete. Not because I didn't want to but because the athletes always looked amazing and at the time I didn't understand how they looked the way they did. My first goals I set myself when I started training were to tone up and to improve my fitness.

WDFPF Champion Joanne Stanger with IFBB Pro Dennis James

Q.2 What is your current training schedule like? How does it differ between pre-contest and off season? Do you do much cardio work?

My training doesn't alter on or off season however the intensity increases from month to month. This is my training week:
Monday: Squats
Tuesday: Bench
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Deadlifting
Friday: Military Pressing
Throughout the week I try & keep my cardio a little more interesting with either sprints, tyre flipping, skipping, the plough or with the farmers walk 


Q.3 How long have you been competing?

I started competing as a natural bodybuilder in 2008 up until 2012. I am now trying to focus on getting stronger for 2014 as I hope to compete in Powerlifting! 


Q.4 What are your main competitive achievements?

2008- NPA Toned Figure, 5th place

2008- NABBA Toned Figure, 6th place

2009 - BNBF Welsh qualifier Toned Figure, 1st place

2009 - NABBA North East Toned Figure, 2nd place

2009- BNBF Welsh Trained Figure, 1st place

2009 - BNBF Britain, 4th place

2009 - NABBA Britain, 5th place

2011 - NABBA North East Toned Figure, 2nd place

2011 - NABBA Britain Miss Toned Figure, 1st place

2012 - I competed in the NABBA Universe & UK

Joanne Stanger in a Miss Figure bodybuilding competition

Q.5 What are your current competitive goals?

My training goals over the years have changed when I was bodybuilding I was focused on gaining muscle & perfecting my symmetry. Now I am focused on becoming stronger for 2014.