The Extremists: Kelly Freeman DFAC Pro

Name:- Kelly Freeman

Age:- 33

Gym you train at and location:- I train at Evolution Gym & Fitness, Sheffield, which is owned and run by my trainer and fellow Extreme athletes Jon Clark and Rachael Hayes.

Q.1  Why did you start bodybuilding and did you have any goals of competing to begin with?

I first joined the gym after having my son 5 years ago. As a mother of 5 I was determined to get into shape and through hard work and a positive approach I have gone from gym newbie to top British bodybuilder in 3 years. I never knew of female bodybuilding at the time and would never have believed it would be turning out like this.

Q.2  Were you into sport growing up? If so which ones?

At school I loved sports, running, netball , basketball, volleyball, but once I left school I never did any sports.  I became a mum and that just took over my life.

Q.3  What is your current training schedule like? How does it differ between pre-contest and off season?

My current schedule is Monday – Chest, Tuesday – Legs, Wednesday – Delts, Thursday – Back, Fri – Biceps and Triceps.

Saturday and Sundays are reserved for Cardio and family time.

Pre-contest and off season only really differs with my levels of cardio. My resistance training differs week to week all year to keep my body guessing and responding. My trainer keeps things in check and takes my muscles to failure whether it be high rep, superset of maximum lift training, I love it!!

Q.4  How long have you been competing? 

 I’m now still only in my third year of completing but have an ever expanding list of competitions under my belt already it feels like ive been at it for years.

Q.5  What are your main competitive achievements?

Competition History:

NABBA England trained figure, 2010, 2nd place

NABBA British Finals trained figure, 2011, 4th place

NPA Mike Williams Classic Miss Physique, 2011, 2nd place

NPA British Finals Miss Physique 2011, 3rd Place

NPA Yorkshire Miss Physique 2012, 1st Place

NABBA Northeast trained figure, 2012, 1st Place

NABBA British Finals trained figure, 2012, 2nd Place

UIBBN European Championships Miss Physique, 1st Place (European Champion)

BNBF Midlands , Miss Physique 2012 1st place

BNBF British Final Miss Physique 2012 2nd place

NPA British Final Heavyweight Miss Physique Champion 2012 1st place

NABBA Universe Trained Figure, 2012 6th place

NABBA UK Trained Figure, 2012 3rd place

UIBBN European world championships 2013 3rd place 

NABBA British 2013:- not yet competed

NPA Yorkshire 2013:- not yet competed

UIBBN European championships 2013:- not yet competed

NPA BRITISH 2013:- not yet competed


Q.6  What weight are you off season and contest time?

I used to balloon up to two stone above stage weight but these days I’m far more controlled and hover somewhere between 10 and 14 pounds above my contest weight, that is certainly the plan for this next off season too.

Q.7  What are your current competitive goals?

At the time of writing this I am 4 weeks out from NABBA British Final 2013, followed by NPA Yorkshire day after. In NABBA I'm hoping to qualify for the Universe later on this year in Trained Figure class 2.

I plan to make my assault on 2013 at the NPA Yorkshire, with a view to place high enough to make the team to the European championships to defend my title and the BNBF Midlands which would be the first step towards attaining a prestigious DFAC Pro card.  

Q.8  Why do you feel you have been able to make continuous gains over the years?

I’m still relatively new to this and am learning all the time, I now feel I have everything in place with guidance from my trainer and Extreme Nutrition supplements behind me to ensure I continue towards achieving my goals.

Q.9  What supplements do you use?

Since being introduced to Extreme Nutrition's products 12 months ago I have made my best gains and feel this is the way forward and would recommend it to every one.

I have Extreme Pro 6 morning and night, pre workout I have 2 x Krevolution-X tabs plus 1 with my post workout shake. A scoop of Build and Recover plus one scoop of Extreme Whey for my post work out shake, each meal I take Extreme Glutamine Complex and Extreme Amino acids.

Q.10  How much do you feel supplements and sports nutrition help your training?

I now feel I recover faster than before, which enables me to put 100% into my following days workout. Also I know I am getting the correct nutrition while not suffering bloating which solid foods sometime give. 

Q.11  What is it that motivates you through a hard session?

I am confident every rep is one rep towards making me how I see my self on stage, taking my next title. I strive for my perfect ideal and that one extra rep is the one that will take me there.

Q.12 Who, if anyone, do you want to thank over the years for their help?

In my short time in this amazing sport I have met some great people along the way but if my brother Martin hadn’t have give me my first kick to get in the gym I wouldn’t be here in this position now so loads of praise to him.

Ive competed across the federations and have been welcomed from all, and made some great friends, big thanks to the organizers as without them there wouldn’t be a place for me and my fellow competitors to show the hard work and dedication we put in.

My husband Lee has been there for me all the way and without that home support and understanding I couldn’t do what I do so am forever grateful , also when I needed direction the most Lee took me along to meet a trainer, Jon Clark at Evolution Gym Sheffield, this has proven to be the step up I was in need of and has seen me really start to make my impression on the competition stage.

Huge thanks to Jon Clark and his wife Rachael Hayes for their belief in me as without their help, support and guidance I wouldn’t be enjoyed the rewards this sport has for me.

Finally, Extreme Nutrition, they have an amazing range to products that make dieting so much more enjoyable, especially Extreme Pro-6 before bed, it's gorgeous, and keeps  me sane enough to hack the hard dieting while knowing it’s the best nutrition feeding me. Thank you so much for believing in me this early in my career, watch this space, there's a lot more to come from Kelly Freeman.

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