The Extremists: Lynsey Beattie IFBB Pro

Interview with Lynsey Beattie


Height: 5’5”

Competition Weight: 124 lbs

Off Season Weight: 130 lbs

Competitive History:

  • 3 x Miss Britain with NABBA, UKBFF and WABBA. I also won the N
  • MISS UK with NABBA.
  • NABBA Miss Universe 4th
  • Turned pro in 2002 and have since competed in 27 pro shows
  • Competed at the Arnold Classic as the first ever pro figure athlete from the UK

When did you first compete, and what was your inspiration to start competing in bodybuilding?

I first competed in 2000 at NABBA Scotland, where I was invited to compete by my great friend Mike Mitchell. I competed because I was approached by a NABBA judge who told me that they thought I had potential to enter into the NABBA Fitness category.

I went away and trained hard and entered in my first competition.

A picture of IFBB Professional Figure Competitor Lynsey Beatties

Why did you decide to switch from the “fitness” category into figure?

The reason for my switch into a different class was really down to the fact that when you compete as a pro in the fitness category, you are competing against ex-gymnasts and cheerleaders. I felt that they were so advanced in their acrobatic moves that I would not really be strong enough competition against them.

I was dealing with a lot of injuries at the time too and was starting to lose the enjoyment in my training, so when the figure class came to the fore, I decided that it suited me as there was no fitness style routine involved but I could still train and compete.

How do you manage your time effectively between being a mum and finding time to train and eat well as a figure athlete?

Being a mum of 4 and an athlete is quite a juggle from day to day! Being organised at home is important, and I prepare my food the night before my day begins or in the morning, depending on what my day holds.

My days are usually quite busy so being on the ball is important. I use my IsoBag every day, it has been such a great help for carrying everything I need food wise.

My twins are in pre school three days a week, so I can get to the gym and do my other errands while they are there. Sometimes my eldest son will look after my twins while I go to the gym.

I find eating clean easy because I buy clean and healthy food so there isn’t bad food in the house. I buy the little ones other things but I don’t bother with what they have.

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring three supplements with you for the next six months, what would you choose?

The three supplements I would bring to a desert island would be my Extreme Whey - I can’t live without my protein! It is really light and easy on my stomach. My Animal Pak multi vitamins, and I know this isn’t a supplement, but my all natural peanut butter.

IFBB Pro Lynsey Beattie with Cee Oliver, Jo Black and IFBB Pro Hunni Glanville at Bodypower 2013

What advice would you give to anyone who is thinking of competing or just getting themselves into shape?

I would say do not have an unachievable goal, because you will not stick to it. Set yourself smaller goals, and when you achieve them, set yourself new ones.

What was your biggest achievement so far this year?

There are many big achievements that I can recall this year, so it’s difficult to narrow it down to just one! Placing top 10 in a pro show was definitely a big achievement. Teaming up with my other half Aaron Lambert has been great, we have Alpha Training Gym in Rushden, where we are on hand to help competitors with competition preparation, training and nutrition.

Signing up with my new sponsors, Extreme Nutrition has been really exciting, I’ve known the MD, Dougie Black, since before I started competing in bodybuilding, and he has followed me through my career.

I have also made some great contacts in the film industry, so I am looking at some new film roles in future months.

Where do you see yourself in five years time in relation to your bodybuilding career?

I hope that in the next five years, I will have met all of my personal goals that I have set myself. I also hope that my competitive career will still be positive, and that I am still enjoying competing. I would love to land a bigger role in my acting career, and see how things go from there.

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