The Extremists: Paul George WPC Champion

Name – Paul Raymond George

DOB – 19/03/1962 

Profession – Gym Owner and Personal Trainer 

Family - Married to Tania. No children, one dog & one cat!

Why did you start bodybuilding? I played Rugby League and needed to put some weight and size on and so I went to the gym and found I enjoyed the solitude of the weight training more than the rugby. I didn’t have to rely on anyone else in the gym.

When did you do your 1st competition? 1982, about 6 months after I first went into the gym. It was Walter O’Mally Spring Classic and I came 11th out of 10! At that point I realised that enthusiasm wasn’t enough so I spent the next 10 years learning about training, different training methods, tried them out and adapted to what worked for me and took it from there.

Did you ever imagine that you would be as successful as you have been? The simple answer is no! In that, one has to define success? Is it the number of titles that I have won or, did I bring something else to British bodybuilding as a whole? Or is a personal development thing? Have I grown and developed as person? Have I positively influenced or inspired people to go on to do great things? These can all be defined as success and I hope that I have had a little of each of these and more. You rarely realise how you touch other people’s lives and when this is brought home to you then it is the most humbling experience, just one word or action can change people’s lives and with that comes a responsibility that can be quite scary.

Why do you think you have been so successful? Is there a ‘secret’? I think that in competition I think that I just have less flaws than other people. My balance, symmetry, condition have been my strengths and I have always worked with my strengths. I could only paint with the colours I was given and never tried to be anyone else. Over the years I have become very good and getting very lean, there really is no secret, my body seems to like being in a dieting state and goes into overdrive. I must stress though that what works for me does now work for most people. I am not a diet ‘guru’, I have simply spent nearly 3 decades learning what works for me and this I also the reason I don’t really ‘prep’ people. I find most new competitive bodybuilders expect too much way too soon and claim to have been ‘robbed’ when they don’t win their class 1st time out then take the overall! These are the ones that will never get anywhere because they will burnout before they get anywhere near. It’s always the quiet ones that you have to be careful of! Another thing I have mastered over the years is stage presentation. I can’t believe how bad most competitors are one stage! This is the one chance you have to show off your hard work and if you are competing start posing BEFORE you even start dieting. The standard of posing on the stages at the moment is appalling. If you have no idea of what to do then find someone who does and don’t just rely on your mates in the gym telling you how great you look because chances are you don’t! If you want to be a pro then act like a pro! People spend hundreds on getting someone to help them get ready for a show but then spend no time or effort on their posing and this is the difference between a trophy or non. This is actually one part of comp prep that I do get involved with and coach. I could go one about this for hours but I think you get the point.

Paul George in his first IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Contest

You have been training and competing for nearly 30 years, how do you keep motivated and enthused? The voices in my head make me do it lol! I just enjoy it. I love training and competing once you get one stage is a blast. They are both a tough challenge but that is the point! If it was easy everyone would be doing it.

Do you ever take time off from training? Not really. Even when we go away for more than 4/5 days we always find a gym to train in. We did 5 weeks in New Zealand driving around a couple of years ago and would stay a couple of days in each place, find a gym and train.

If you could train with anyone past or present who would it be?

Can I pick two? The 1st would be with Dorian as his intensity and work ethic is legendary. The 2nd would be Sergio Olivia as he was a freak ahead of his time.

If you hadn’t become a bodybuilder what do you think you would have done instead? I would like to think I would have made it in professional Rugby League. I can’t imagine a life in which I didn’t play some kind of physical sport.

What did you want to be when you were a child? Astronaut.

Who has been your greatest inspiration? No one person in particular, I get my inspiration from all over, things I read, the news, people I meet. I have never really had an idol and it’s often normal people doing extraordinary things that I find truly inspirational. For example a lad at the gym, Tony who has come down from 19 stone of fat to 13.5 stone with a dramatic change in his body fat levels, body shape and his attitude and self confidence. It’s taken him about 3 years all in all but he did everything we suggested, never complained, just got on with it.

If you had to choose between competing or training which would it be (hypothetically)? I can imagine never competing again but I cannot imagine never training again.

How does your training differ now to when you first started out? I have a better idea of what I want and how to do it. I can be more specific in my approach to work on areas that I think need it to complete the overall package. I still like to keep my training varied and no two workouts are ever the same and I do enjoy a ‘cutting edge of dicking about’ session where we will just do things because we can and they serve no purpose whatsoever except being fun.

Since taking your Pro Card in 2004 and your 8th placing at the last British Grand Prix, you haven’t really competed very much, was the Pro Card a blessing and a curse? For me personally yes it was. Stepping on stage in 2004 with the likes of Ronnie, Markus Ruhl and Chris Cormier was incredible but at my height and weight at that time I would only ever be making up the numbers and quite a financial cost. Had I stayed an amateur then I could have continued to compete and be competitive. I was entitled to my pro card several times as class winner but I only took it once I won the overall as that for me was the only way to earn the pro card and be British Champion.

What do you think about the introduction of the new 202 lb class? I actually remember when there used to be a short and a tall class so it’s nothing new really, things go in circles…if you live long enough. The standard in the 202 is truly phenomenal and it hasn’t even got near to it’s peak yet. I think this class will continue to produce some outstanding physiques for many years to come. It has given the shorter guys a platform to be compared like for like and to shine and not be overshadowed by less complete physiques. We can now be in the fight instead of just in the arena!

Are you looking forward to the 2011 British Grand Prix and why? Absolutely! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my 49th birthday which is on the same day! I think that will make me the oldest competitor on stage To have a show of this standard back on British shores is long overdue. We have produced some incredible bodybuilders and we need a show of this calibre to give them a platform and anyone who is a fan or supports bodybuilding has to be there to support it. I actually think that this show will be history in the making and I can’t wait to share the stage with some of Britain’s finest bodybuilders and give the Americans a run for their money and above all…..have a blast!

Why did you choose Extreme Nutrition as you sponsor?

Dougie has always believed in me and never tried to change the way I look. I am not everyone’s cup of tea with my piercings, tattoos and grufty biker image but this is who I am and bodybuilding is what I do and Dougie appreciates & accepts that. To me it is never about money and I have tried many products during my too many years and Extreme Nutrition has always strived to deliver high quality products without pricing the average person out of the market. I will not sell anything to my gym members or clients that I have not used and found to work and all of Extreme’s products do what they say on the tin!

Which Extreme Products do you use?

Extreme Whey

Pro 6

Build & Recover

Lean R

L- Glutamine

Amino Acids

Kre- Evolution

Are the products I will use on a daily basis.

Anything else you would like to add?

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to anyone who has ever supported me, come to see me at shows, sent me emails, supportive online comments as they really do make it worth while. I really do find it humbling when people who I have never met and may never meet show their support. So thank you!

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