The Extremists: Rachel Hayes DFAC Pro

Rachael Hayes

Age: 44

Gym you train at and location; I train at Evolution Gym & Fitness, Sheffield, which I own and run with my husband Jon Clark, also a Professional Bodybuilder and Extreme Nutrition sponsored athlete.

1. Why did you begin bodybuilding training?

In 1995 following moving back to Sheffield from London I joined a gym to get fit and lose the weight I had put on whilst living in London.

As with all my interests I took the gym seriously from the start and had a desire to lift as much as possible and to build muscle. After a year or so, after meeting Jon (now my husband) I started to get in interested in the possibility of competing and moved the training up a gear.

My initial aim was to compete before the age of 30, I achieved this competing for the first time at 29 years of age with the Amateur Natural Bodybuilding Association (ANB).

Following that I got the bug and as Jon already competed started to plan for the future. I wanted to do the best I could and build a physique I could be proud of but never dreamed of the success I have had.

Q.2  What is your current training schedule like? How does it differ between pre-contest and off season?

My training schedule is the same both pre contest and in the off season, I always go full range, maximum intensity, with the strictest of form to ultimate failure (ingrained into me from starting training by Jon). Work creates some issues so training tends to be three days during the week and weekends, these can fluctuate due to work commitments but all body-parts are hit each week.


The things that differ throughout the year are the weight and reps;

4 week on higher weight and lower reps

4 week on lower weight and higher reps

My back injury limits my exercise range sometimes and training has to be sensible and well informed thus adaptability is the key. I do like to push for pbs when feeling good.

Q.3  How long have you been competing? 

I first competed in 1997, took a year off to travel round the world, then competed from 1999 consistently through to 2006. Then periodically due to injury.

Rachel Hayes is a DFAC Professional Bodybuilder

Q.4  What are your main competitive achievements?

ANB North East Physique Champion 97 & 99

UIBBN Ladies Physique World 3rd place 97 – Belgium

UIBBN Ladies Physique 3rd Place World Championships 99 - Leeds

UIBBN Couples European & World Champion 99 – Paris & Leeds

BNBF British Finals Miss Exercise 3rd Place 2000

BNBF British Finals Miss Exercise 2nd Place 2001

BNBF British Finals Miss Physique 2nd Place 2002

BNBF British Finals Miss Physique 2nd Place 2003

INBF World Female Physique 3rd Place 2003. New York

BNBF British Champion Miss Physique 2004 - awarded professional status

Since achieving Pro status;

WNBF Pro World Championships 5th Place 2004. New York

WNBF Pro World Championships 4th Place 2005. New York

WNBF Pro International 5th Place 2006 Kansas

PNBA Pro Universe 3rd Place, 2006 Los Angeles

Q.5  What weight are you off season and contest time?

Off season weight is between 63 and 67 kg and contest weight is around 57 kg.

Q.6  What are your current competitive goals?

I am back to competition this year with a guest spot in July 2012 and the Drug Free Athletes Coalition (DFAC) World Championships Miami in November.

Q.7  Why do you feel you have been able to make continuous gains over the years?

It is down to hard work, tenacity and consistency. My back injury has slowed me down in recent years but with some good support from my husband, Jon, and Extreme Nutrition amongst others I am back on the competition trail.

DFAC Pro Bodybuilder Rachael Hayes on stage in competition

Q.8  What supplements do you use?

Over time I have used a wide range of Extreme Nutrition products. My current favourites are Extreme Pro-6 and Krevolution-X. I also use Extreme Whey and Extreme Carbs post workout. This year I feel bigger and fuller than previously and put this down to good, consistent supplementation. I am introducing Lean R and can't wait.......

Q.9  How much do you feel supplements and sports nutrition help your training?

The right supplements and correct sports nutrition allows me to maximise my potential and compliments my training. Along with the right advice, which I receive from Extreme Nutrition this is essential.

Q.10  What is it that motivates you through a gruelling workout?

Knowing it will make me better, but good music and a good training partner help.

Q.11  Who, if anyone, do you want to thank over the years for their help?

There are a few people who have helped me during my bodybuilding career but I really need to thank Jon, my husband, for putting up with me, motivating me and guiding me and Extreme Nutrition for their products, support and advice which are invaluable.

Vicky McCann for once giving me a bikini that meant so much, inspired and motivated me to succeed and I will treasure forever. Thanks to these guys I am still improving and have great achievements and memories to savour.

Other info;

Having enjoyed a good career in world of natural bodybuilding, I endeavour to contribute to the future of the sport. I judge for the BNBF and Internationally for the Drug Free Athletes Coalition (DFAC).

Along with other BNBF & DFAC Professionals I have taken part in International Seminars to promote the organisation and the sport offering support and advice to bodybuilders at varying points in their careers.

With Jon, we host a BNBF bodybuilding club at our Gym, Evolution, Sheffield again assisting BNBF competitors and providing a network of support to encourage participation.

Whilst injured and unable to compete at bodybuilding I turned to triathlon and completed two ‘RUN – BIKE – SWIM’ events. Whilst only the shorter distances I loved it. Jon did them too and we both produced respectable times (in my case for an older, crook bodybuilder).

They were not only physical challenges but nutritional challenges. Extreme Nutrition's products enabled me to rise to the challenge.

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