The Extremists: Tania George WPC Champion

Name: Tania George

Age: 44

Gym you train at and location: Co owner of Olympic Gym, Eccles, Manchester.

Q1. Why did you start training and did you have any goals of competing to begin with?

Q2. Were you into sport growing up? If so, which ones?

Q3. What is your current training schedule like? How does it differ between pre-contest and off-season?             Do you do much cardio work?

Q4. How long have you been competing?

Q5. What are your main competitive achievements?

Q6. Who are your main sources of inspiration in your training and whose physiques do you most admire? 

Q7. What are your current competitive goals? 

Q8. Why do you feel you have been able to make continuous gains over the years?

Q9. What supplements do you use?          

Q10. How much do you feel supplements and sports nutrition help your training?

Q11. What is it that motivates you through a hard session?

I would like to thank a few people:-

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