About Us

Extreme Nutrition was born in December 1999, both of the directors, Doug Black and Chris Sneddon, were competitive bodybuilders who were sick of all the marketing hype and overpriced low quality supplements being pushed at that point in time. With the assistance of their manufacturing partners food scientists, they managed to develop a range based on science.

As one of the directors and a sufferer of many food allergies (milk, eggs, yeast, wheat, gluten) I was aware that many others were like me and were very limited in the supplements we could use because of wind, stomach upset, headaches, etc, so I insisted all our products were ultra low in sodium, lactose, cholesterol, sugar and thickeners. I insisted all the products had to be easy to digest and had to taste better than the crop of products which were as foul tasting as they ended up making you smell! This I am very proud to say was the case when we began many years ago and still is the case today.

Our backgrounds were in bodybuilding yes, but educationally were science based which helped us understand the requirements of the human body. This is one of the reasons you do not see Extreme Nutrition releasing gimmick products which are popular one month but are scorned the following, if there is no science to support something we do not produce it.

We are so committed to producing products which give you the results you so desperately crave we ran a Research and Development program at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh where we tested some of our products for their ability to enhance power, muscularity, performance and stamina. This research was the starting point for new formulas.

As a company we help and advise many athletes in many fields and sponsor many bodybuilding, strongman and powerlifting events, we are also the strength conditioning coaches and nutritional advisors of Knucle Up MMA gyms and fight promotions, Nova Forca Ju Jitsu and Made For the Cage promotions too, once again putting our resources back into the sports which our customers want to see and be a part of. We have coached numerous Mr. and Miss Britain, World, Universe winners not to mention all the local area show winners we've advised too in all the different federations. Thanks to our staff all being or having been competitive bodybuilders, rugby players, hockey players and cyclists our knowledge enables us to help athletes reach new levels and goals.

Extreme Nutrition has always had a company policy of honesty and integrity, this is as important today as it was in December 1999 and will always be so

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