Dream Tan was launched in 1995 and has positioned itself as one of the leading companies providing professional tanning solutions to Hollywood, competitive body builders and models in over 120 countries across the world.

Dream Tan is the bench mark tanning product for one and all in the figure/physique world.

At Dream Tan we our committed to providing you with quality products which are all  formulated with the unique needs of everyone in the competing in the figure, fitness, bikini and body building circuit.

Our tanning solutions are designed to enhance your muscle tone and give you a healthy golden look when you are on stage and we continually strive to create better products at the most affordable prices we possibly can do.

The Dream Tan team would like to thank all of you for your continuous support and we hope you keep using all our products to attain better success at competitions and shows. 

Sports nutrition products to gain muscle size and increase strength.Burn fat,  lose weight, get lean & ripped.Increase energy pre workout and speed up recovery post workout.
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