Gorilla Wear launched in 1982 in America when bodybuilding was big news, big news means big interest, big interest led to big involvement and big involvement led to big men and what do big men need? Big clothes!

Big clothes can be bought anywhere, but a lot of big clothes aren't made for men who've built a muscular physique but for men who've simply ended up big! Through either lack of exercise, medical conditions, poor diet or even poor circumstances.

This meant there was a gap in the market for men who need bigger clothes than 80% of other men but aren't fat. In fact, these guys are in the shape of their lives and want clothes that will also complement their work in the gym.

Enter Gorilla Wear.

Since the 1980’s Gorilla Wear has been a legend, becoming the worldwide bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle brand “for the motivated”. Every style of garment is designed for motivated and demanding athletes everywhere in the World.

We want you to look great, we want you to stand out, we want you to get recognised and seen, we want people to take your picture, we want people to want to look like you, Why? Because when someone is looking at you they are looking at us! Who is in the picture with you? It's Gorilla Wear 24/7!

Sports nutrition products to gain muscle size and increase strength.Burn fat,  lose weight, get lean & ripped.Increase energy pre workout and speed up recovery post workout.
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