Keeping Motivated for Success

How many of you fall back into old bad habits after rea a certain goal you’ve accomplished? Do you diet hard to get in shape for a holiday or for a contest then blow all your hard work after the event by pigging out? I can admit that I am guilty of becoming lazy after I’ve achieved something great and just end up back to where I started. So how do you keep focus after achieval? How can you achieve more than what you are of naturally capable of then keep going further into new, uncharted territory? If you feel any of these questions apply to you, then this article is for you.

In professional sports, you see it all the time, a certain team or individual wins a world championship one year and ends up not making the the last 16 the following year. Sure there are some exceptions as happened but the main reason is because the team is satisfied with theird feel they don’t have to work as hard anymore. This is a mistake that many teams make much to the distress of their fans, management and board of directors. They could have been one of the great sporting dynasties you read about in books but they end up in a rebuilding mode instead. It is the same way in bodybuilding, you cannot just become satisfied with your current physique or you are destined for failure.

Look at the reigning Mr.Olympia, Ronnie Coleman. Have you ever wondered why he can win so many Mr. Olympias in a row? It’s use he sets higher standards for himself every year and will never be isfied with himself, this is the true mark of a champion.

Any person or team can win a first place trophy, the opponents may have an off day or they may get lucky and the run of play may favour them, hell an important player in the rival team may get hurt which may contribute to a fluke win but the true winners are the ones who can do it over and over on a continuing basis, with the ability to play till the final whistle and overturn the odds even when stacked against them.

Have you ever felt that you’ve reached a plateau in tness goals and start to believe that it doesn’t matter how much ow long you keep at your plan that you can’t get any better? This is one of those little tricks your mind will play on you but the truth is that you are actually improving but you just don’t realise it!

You must have the discipline to keep setting higher standards after you’ve occomplished a certain feat. You see it all the time, a person sets a goal lose twenty pounds, loses it, starts eating bad foods again, and gains back.

What this person should’ve done was write down a higher, more long term goal such as gain two pounds of muscle with as little fat gain as possible. The person would then believe this goal is obtainable because they just lost twenty pounds already, what can possibly hold them back now?

Most of us have had times where we start getting bored with our routine day after day, eating the same meals every three hours, spending our evenings in the gym and boring ourselves to death with cardio work. Bodybuilding is a sport that can put a drain on a person both physically and mentally but you have to keep on trying to find ways to overcome the boredom and the mental barriers when they arise, because they will arise at some point for every serious trainer.

Train at a new gym once or twice a week, new faces and equipment is often a good start to keeping the fire in your belly, try different recipes or cover your food in herbs and spices to alter the taste of the same old same old, or even try new flavours of supplements, just changing the tastes you have each day can be enough to ease the monotony.

Keep the fundamentals the same but alter it a bit and find a way that suits you. For over a year my training partner and I included a lot of pure strength movements, deadlifts, weighted dips and chins, heavy bench and shoulder presses and the daddy of them all the squat. We pushed ourselves each workout to see how strong we could get while also doing some work with a lighter weight and repping out.

During the time we followed that training plan, we thickened up loads, our strength increased and our muscle density leaped forward in ways we could only have dreamed of and because each workout was a competition to beat the last one it took well over a year for any boredom to set in.

It may not be the way you choose to go, but it will hopefully give you an idea of how to change your training to suit you and u motivated.

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