Build & Recover 1.44kg

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Build & Recover 1.44kg is a multi purpose high protein food is designed to re-fuel the body with essential nutrients after exercise and for the committed individual who will not settle for conventional convenience foods.

  • IOC/WADA safe - guaranteed drug free!
  • Suitable for men and women of any age
  • Multiple Protein & Carb sources
  • Contains Kre-Alkalyn + HMB
  • Low sodium + lactose
  • Contains 50% RDA vitamins + minerals per serving

RRP: £37.95


Build & Recover 1.44kg is a comprehensive blend of carefully selected nutrients, each 72g serving contains approximately 50% of the recommended daily amount (RDA) of vitamins and minerals, and is perfect when a healthy energy rich meal is not possible.

The 5 time released protein sources found in Extreme Build & Recover are absorbed at different speeds just like solid food. Very low in fat (only 0.9g per serving), ultra low in sodium and lactose, a common cause of stomach upset and allergic reaction, each serving supplies 1250mg of HMB and 1500mg Kr-Evolution, which is regarded as the best creatine available anywhere.

We have used dextrose, a fast acting simple carbohydrate which creates an insulin release promoting an increased uptake of all nutrients and amino acids by the body along with fructose and maltodextrin. Fructose replaces glycogen via the liver, essential post workout.

Extreme Build and Recover is a post workout recovery drink, a high energy meal replacement and can be a high calorie weight gainer, see results fast.


Extreme Build + Recover Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Fructose, Cross Flow Microfiltered Whey Concentrate, Glutamine Peptides, Cocoa Powder, Soya Protein Isolate, Kr-Evolution (Kre-Alkalyn), HMB, Calcium Caseinate, Chocolate & Vanilla Flavour, Xantham Gum, Vitamin/Mineral Premix, Stevia.

Allergens: Milk derivatives, Soya derivatives, Wheat derivatives.


POST WORKOUT - Extreme Build & Recover is designed to be the most complete post recovery drink available. We've all heard of the "90 minute post workout window", well this is the only shake that fills this window due to it's fast and slowly released amino acid content. This means the sooner you can drink one after training, the sooner you start recovering and become anabolic.

PRE WORKOUT - for all the same reasons Extreme Build & Recover is a great post workout shake, it is also a great PRE WORKOUT drink too. By consuming a Build & Recover 1-2 hourse before training you have just started releasing growth and recovery stimulating amino acids into your bloodstream in preparation of the work about to come as well as getting some carbs into your bloodstream for energy too.


Andrew chappell
A top quality product ideal for after a hard training session. Full of vitamins minerals , creatine, protein and carbs everything your body needs, and has always given me great results. Mixes well, tastes great and good value for money at less than a £1 a serving.

Received: 05 October 2012 10:36
Rating: 5/5 stars

The corner stone
I've been using this product for years, and it's always been a staple product in my nutritional regime. Protein, carbs, HMB, creatine, vitamins and minerals with no added unnecessary ingredients. Tastes great, mixes well and works awesome!

Received: 08 October 2015 18:03
Rating: 5/5 stars

Something to look forward to
I've been dieting for a show and this is one of my few carb sources. I have chocolate flavour after training and look forward to it all day, it doesn't just taste great but it speeds my recovery

Received: 20 October 2015 18:30
Rating: 5/5 stars

Bench mark !
Has all the ingredients too recover after a grueling workout, I have chocolate flavour after a workout and wake up looking forward to it after as the taste is unbelievable!! the taste puts this post workout shake above any another I have had in the past and wouldn't go back to anything else.

Received: 18 April 2016 14:07
Rating: 5/5 stars

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