Energy & Recovery is essential to every athlete, no matter what goals they have. We need enough energy to fuel our workouts and we need the correct nutrients to let our bodies recover from hard workouts and intense cardio sessions that sap our energy levels.

Many don't really understand the demands put upon the body from serious training of any sort and they have even less idea on how to help themselves recover and end up taking in the wrong things at the wrong time which ends up being of no benefit to them.

Hopefully our full explanation will help shed some light on this for you.


Build & Recover 1.44kg
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Build & Recover 1.44kg is a multi purpose high protein food is designed to re-fuel the body with essential nutrients after exercise and for the committed individual who will not settle for conventional convenience foods.
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Extreme Nutrition Build & Recover was tested at Heriot-Watt University over 18 months and was found to cause an increase in strength, muscle, performance times whilst a reduction in bodyfat was recorded!
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Extreme BCA-311
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Extreme BCA-311 are a convenient source of  the essential branched chain amino acids (BCAA) leucine, isolueucine and valine which help keep you in a positive nitrogen balance (anabolic). Made with HPMC vegetarian friendly vegicaps and cont ...
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Extreme Creatine 750g
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Extreme Creatine 750g is 5 months worth of 99.8% pure, ultra fine 200 mesh Creatine Monohydrate. This is what the human body burns for energy during muscular contractions. It is naturally occuring, but in small amounts, supplementing with creatine monoh ...
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Extreme Glutamine Complex 400's
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Extreme Glutamine Complex is a blend of Glutamine Peptides and free form L-Glutamine which help volumise muscle cells, strengthen immune system and speed recovery, it has also been shown to be a hGH precursor too making it possibly the most important am ...
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Extreme Krevolution-X 120 vegicaps
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Krevolution-X is made using kre alkalyn,  it is the worlds best form of creatine and has just got even better with our unique new formula! Now with Rhodiola Rosea for enhanced effects.
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Extreme Pure L-Glutamine 200g
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Extreme Pure L-Glutamine is one of the most important amino acids for anyone training with intensity due to it making up 65% of skeletal muscle tissue and also the effect it exhibits upon the production of human Growth Hormone.
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Extreme Pure L-Glutamine 750g
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Extreme Pure L-Glutamine could be the most important amino acid for anyone training with intensity due to it making up 65% of skeletal muscle tissue. Free Form L-Glutamine is used in hospitals to aid burns victims heal faster due to it's healing ...
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Energy & Recovery, both of which are essential to anyone who trains hard. “You only get out what you put in” is an age old expression that is supposed to tell us the greater the commitment or effort the higher the return you get.

Many people will buy an energy drink like Red Bull, Monster or Rockstar to give them a boost prior to a work out or training session, most are unaware these drinks are nothing more than caffiene, sugar and Taurine. Yes, they will give you a boost but they are also going to spike your insulin levels too and cause you to crash, making you hungry and also lining you up for fat accumulation too.

What does that mean to me you ask. Spiked insulin levels lead to hunger pangs, low blood sugar levels and it can also lead to fat storage so energy drinks are NOT the answer to making sure you have energy to train.

Endurance athletes load on complex carbs for a few days prior to an event, this way they fill their body with energy sources that are far less likely to add fat than sugary drinks.

It's the same with post workout training, you will see people buying a drink from the gym fridge but if they read what is in the drink, high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, dextrose or a milk based protein shake which has sugars added along with other ingredients like sweeteners, gum to make it creamy, E numbers to colour it etc, these are of no benefit to you.

Keep your carbohydrate choices complex, oats, potato, pasta or rice, these all offer slowly released energy which will not cause the insulin fluctuations that the sugary energy drinks will.

A better choice than the aforementioned energy drinks is Extreme Carbs, this is explained in it's own section.

After training you need the following;
  1. Carbohydrates to replenish glycogen levels
  2. Protein to allow your muscles to start repairing themselves
  3. Creatine to replenish intracellular energy stores
  4. Vitamins and minerals to replace those lost when you sweat
Extreme Nutrition's Build & Recover is one of the finest recovery drinks available in the world and has 18 months of University done studies to support it's claims and to show it does what it promised to do. It also contains everything listed above.
People speak of DOMS – delayed onset muscle soreness, adequate protein in your diet and using creatine will both help you overcome the pain faster due to your muscles being made from protein and your muscles burn creatine for energy during anaerobic training – weights.
If you have any questions relating to any of the above please feel free to contact us for any help or advice.
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