Size and Strength, for many people this is the reason they started training, to gain size and strength. For some it is to allow them to be a better rugby or football player, for others martial arts or cycling.

With size and strength training there is no “one size fits all”, we're all different and what works for your buddy may not work for you no matter how much effort you put in. 

Supplements for Size and Strength include whey protein, mass gainers, creatine, testosterone boosters, protein blends and weight gainers too. There are thousands of these kinds of products on the market but choosing the correct one is not easy due to the marketing and hype that comes with many of them.

Extreme BCA-311
RRP £27.95
Extreme BCA-311 are a convenient source of  the essential branched chain amino acids (BCAA) leucine, isolueucine and valine which help keep you in a positive nitrogen balance (anabolic). Made with HPMC vegetarian friendly vegicaps and cont ...
6 reviews
Extreme Creatine 200g
RRP £14.95
Extreme Creatine 200g is Creatine Monohydrate, this is the bodies preferred source of energy during resistance training. It naturally occurs in the body in small amounts, supplementing lets you reach optimal levels to enhance performance and results.
1 reviews
Extreme Creatine 750g
RRP £29.95
Extreme Creatine 750g is 5 months worth of 99.8% pure, ultra fine 200 mesh Creatine Monohydrate. This is what the human body burns for energy during muscular contractions. It is naturally occuring, but in small amounts, supplementing with creatine monoh ...
1 reviews
Extreme DB Shaker
RRP £7.95
Extreme DB Shaker is a gun smoke protein shaker cup which can be used whenever you want, for anything you can drink or think of that needs shaking!
2 reviews
Extreme Glutamine Complex 400's
RRP £24.95
Extreme Glutamine Complex is a blend of Glutamine Peptides and free form L-Glutamine which help volumise muscle cells, strengthen immune system and speed recovery, it has also been shown to be a hGH precursor too making it possibly the most important am ...
3 reviews
Extreme Krevolution-X 120 vegicaps
RRP £31.95
Krevolution-X is made using kre alkalyn,  it is the worlds best form of creatine and has just got even better with our unique new formula! Now with Rhodiola Rosea for enhanced effects.
5 reviews
Extreme Mass 2.5Kg
RRP £52.95
Extreme Mass 2.5kg is a 3 protein, triple carbohydrate, high protein weight gainer with creatine which tastes so good you will think it's a treat meal! Extreme Nutrition Mass mixes easy and is really creamy, you will be looking forward to having ...
5 reviews
Extreme Mass 4.5kg
RRP £79.95
Extreme Mass 4.5Kg is a 3 protein, 3 carbohydrate, high protein weight gainer with creatine which tastes so good you will think it's a treat meal! With almost 40% protein Extreme Mass is not like most gainers...
8 reviews
Extreme Pro-6 2kg
RRP £64.95
Extreme Pro-6 protein powder has multiple protein sources and is designed to give a sustained release of amino acids into the bloodstream allowing for a better uptake than other protein powder.
15 reviews
Extreme Pro-6 908g
RRP £32.95
Extreme Pro-6 908g has 6 protein sources which are designed to create a staggered absorption process like solid food. Pro-6 is one of the best bodybuilding supplements uk.
1 reviews
Extreme Turbo Shaker
RRP £11.95
Extreme Turbo Shaker is a multi compartment protein shaker with storage space for tablets, capsules and 3 shakes all in one.
2 reviews
Extreme Whey 2.2kg
RRP £71.95
Extreme Whey 2.2kg is a whey protein powder in which ALL of it's protein content comes from Whey - NO soya, pea or wheat protein like many companies are currently adding.  
7 reviews
Extreme Whey 908g
RRP £33.95
Extreme Whey protein UK tastes so good you will think you've blown your diet! Extreme Whey mixes easily and is really light, it's easy to drink and is Aspartame + Gum free. All the protein content of Extreme Whey comes from Whey, no milk pr ...
5 reviews
Sports nutrition products to gain muscle size and increase strength.Burn fat,  lose weight, get lean & ripped.Increase energy pre workout and speed up recovery post workout.


Size and Strength is one of the main reasons most people get into resistance training, for one or more, of the following reasons;

  1. they want to improve they way they look
  2. they want to improve their health 
  3. they want to improve their self confidence
  4. they want to increase size and strength
  5. to improve performance sports like rugby, cycling, swimming, etc

In this section we address SIZE AND STRENGTH. If you want to add size and strength first a foremost you must train, by that we mean train hard! Not only that you must get adequate rest to allow your body to recover and thicken muscle fibres which leads to increased muscle mass with the capability of lifting/pushing more than you previously managed before the muscle fibres grew.

Supplementation can turn a mediocre diet into a good one, supplementation can make getting the correct nutrients far easier than through solid food alone while adding a convenience factor that you won't have if you are preparing all your own foods yourself.

Every muscle cell in your body is primarily protein and water with a membrane made of fat holding it together. Without the relevant supply of protein your muscles will not get any bigger. Without a substantial supply of water you will not grow either and may well become dehydrated which in turn restricts your ability to function optimally never mind get bigger and stronger.

Without good fats your body is more inclined to hold onto bad fat in the hope it can manufacture the good fats it really needs, it can't. All you end up with is fat/calorie reserves which are usually stored in full view of everyone through your spare tire or fat ass or both!

To gain SIZE AND STRENGTH you need to be lifting weights that are heavy enough to make you fail relatively quickly, if you can train for a long period of time the weight is not heavy enough or your lacking intensity.

You need to train 3-5 times a week, subject to your training program and personal situation and genetics. Some people will recover faster than others, that is why some can train 3 times a week and make progress while other need to train 5 nights a week to make progress.

You also need to be taking in enough protein to allow your body to repair itself from the rigours of day to day life whilst leaving enough protein to be pushed into your muscle cells to allow them to grow, on top of recovering from the daily grind. 

No engine will run properly without oil (good fats) just as it wont run without fuel (carbs).


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