Meal Bags from Six Pack Fitness and Isobags, whether you have a short trip to the shops or a long trek up a hill we have the meal management solution for you - wherever and whenever you are going or doing.

With meal carrying options from 2 to 8 meals we have the perfect meal bag for everyone, no matter what age, what gender or what your lifestyle is, we have the bag for you.

6 Pack Bags Varsity Duffle
RRP £124.95
6 Pack Bags Varsity Duffle is a colourful streamlined duffle bag designed for long practice sessions, competitions or simply days when you must travel.
0 reviews
6 Pack Fitness Vixen Bowler
RRP £199.95
6 Pack Fitness Vixen Bowler is a luxurious bowler style handbag designed for the discerning woman who want to remain in control of their nutrition 24/7.
1 reviews
Camille Tote
RRP £74.95
Six Pack Bags Camille Tote is their sportiest and most colorful tote bag to date. It features a large main area with dedicated laptop compartment and pockets for the gear a busy lady needs.
0 reviews
Expedition 300 Back Pack
RRP £119.95
Six Pack Fitness Expedition 300 can carry gym kit, has a fleece-lined compartment for 15" laptop and a fleece-lined pocket to protect eyewear or valuables and can keep 3 meals cool for around 8 hours.
0 reviews
Extreme 3 Meal Management Bag
RRP £64.95
Extreme 3 Meal Management Bag - now there are no more excuses! Take control of your diet 24/7 and never leave yourself in a position where you are forced to eat crap!
1 reviews
Extreme Meal Management Backpack
RRP £159.95
Extreme Meal Management Backpack can keep 8 meals cool for 24 hours while carrying your clothes, phone, gym kit, 17" laptop or anything else you need to take
3 reviews
Extreme Mini Meal Bag
RRP £34.95
Extreme Mini Meal Bag is the ultimate compact meal management system which is also built to last!
1 reviews
Extreme Turbo Shaker
RRP £11.95
Extreme Turbo Shaker is a multi compartment protein shaker with storage space for tablets, capsules and 3 shakes all in one.
2 reviews
Fox Bowler
RRP £49.95
Six Pack Fitness Fox Bowler is one for the girls! A fashionable bag for all seasons which carries 2 meals discreetly and still has lots of space for all your essentials! NOW ON SPECIAL OFFER TO CLEAR
1 reviews
Iso Pack
RRP £159.95
IsoPack is a meal cooler just like the Isobag but with more! The Isopack has designated areas for food, clothes, phone and gadgets and a full size laptop!
1 reviews
IsoPack Military Editions
RRP £164.95
IsoPack Military Edition is a Camouflage meal cooler like the Isobag. It has areas for your meals, clothes, phone, gadgets and a full size laptop too.
0 reviews
Plyo Sling
RRP £89.95
Six Pack Fitness Plyo Sling is a playful sling designed for short trips away from home, shopping, nights out or anything else that pleases you! The Plyo Sling holds 2 meals, an organizational main compartment as well as side pockets for your health ...
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Meal Bags from Isobags and Six Pack Fitness Meal Management Bags have been imported by Extreme Nutrition for over 4 years now, our selection of meal bags allow you to stay in control of your food choices 24/7 by making it possible for you to prepare your own meals and carry them with you in a hygienic, cool environment keeping them fresh for whenever you are ready.

These bags are great for sports people, diabetics, anyone with food intolerances or allergies, with young children or anyone travelling but not wanting to end up in food courts or service stations.

Isobags are made in the USA and are tough, they are simple but effective with solid cool bricks and a really sturdy design with hard wearing fabric and lining, these do not fall apart no matter what you are doing.

Six Pack Bags have more styles than Isobags, but less colours to choose from. Six Pack Fitness have a wide selection of handbags, back packs and duffle bags as well as bags purely for carrying meals.

With bags able to carry from 2 up to 8 meals we have something for everyone whether it be for school lunch or for when you take a break as you climb that mountain.

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